The global changes and particularly the development of information, including geo-information, technologies are radically changing the ways in which economic, social, and public systems function. Our conceptualizations of basic geographic notions, such as “place”, “space”, “environment”, “sustainability”, etc., are also constantly being amended. Access to the ever-increasing information flows becomes a key feature describing location, along with its situation, boundaries, and other characteristics. Geo-spatial databases, generated by the new technology, play an increasingly important role in the choice of policies for governing regions, as well as managing and adapting to the consequences of global changes.

It is the geographers, who can manage the geospatial information to uncover processes and interrelations in geosystems, evaluate and predict their sustainability and future development. Research on ecosystems and their services has proven its value to environmental protection and sustainable use of natural resources. In view of the intensive migration and urbanization processes in today’s world, cities are trying to offer smart solutions, in order to deal effectively with demographic and environmental pressures. The complex interdependence among these processes raises a number of geographic challenges that require innovative approaches and solutions.

Geography of the 21st century is expected to facilitate the development of human capital and the knowledge society; to offer place-specific solutions for sustainable regional development and utilization of the Earth’s natural and human capital to improve social wellbeing. The approaching a new decade of the current century is a time for reviewing completed achievements; for setting reasonable goals, and for facing new challenges. It is an opportunity to look into the future and to outline the prospects for geographic science, education, and practice.

Bulgarian Geographical Society declares the 2020-2030 decade as a period of promoting and facilitating geography and all other aspects of geoscience. A set of initiatives is planned to happen in order to outline the social importance of geography and to optimize the approach of geographic science to school and to university education. A special aspect of the Geo Decade’s message is the strengthening the cooperation between geography, business, and to government. The upcoming international conference is the first big science forum incorporated in the 2020-2030 geography decade.

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